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Chemical Analysis

A chemical analysis of the rough-machined forged product, usually for the purpose of determining conformance to the specification requirements. The range of specified composition applicable to product analysis is normally greater than that applicable to heat analysis in order to take into account deviations associated with analytical reproducibility and the heterogeneity of the steel. Product analysis tolerances, where available, are given in the individual material specifications or in the general requirement specifications.

Samples for analysis shall be taken from midway between inner and outer surfaces or full-size prolongations from broken mechanical test specimens.

Metal producing industries like foundries, steel- copper-, aluminium plants, and all kinds of fabricators in the automotive, aviation, and home appliance industry, as well as inspection companies, contract laboratories and metal recyclers use optical emission spectrometers for process and quality control.

Equipment for analysis: OES

  • SPECTROMAXx with 54 elements

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