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Impact testing

Impact Testing of Forged Steels is performed to determine the impact resistance or toughness of materials by calculating the amount of energy absorbed during fracture. The impact test is performed at various temperatures to uncover any effects on impact energy. These services provide test results that can be very useful in assessing the suitability of a material for a specific application and in predicting its expected service life.

The ISO and ASTM impact test methods are regularly performed. Testing can be accomplished at temperatures in the range of -100ºC to +20ºC with an impact energy up to 300 J.

The Charpy Test method determines the toughness or impact strength of the material in the presence of a flaw or notch and fast loading conditions. This destructive test involves fracturing notched impact test specimens at a series of temperatures with a swinging pendulum. The amount of energy absorbed by the material during fracture is measured. Charpy V notch or U notch test specimens are used.

Low temperature charpy testing involves placing the charpy test specimen in a chamber bath of liquid nitrogen until a calibrated thermocouple records the temperature required for the test.


The Charpy Impact Test entails striking a notched impact specimen with a swinging weight or a “tup” attached to a swinging pendulum. The specimen breaks at its notched cross-section upon impact, and the upward swing of the pendulum is used to determine the amount of energy absorbed (notch toughness) in the process. Energy absorption is directly related to the brittleness of the material. Since temperature can affect the toughness of a material, the charpy test is performed at a series of temperatures to show the relationship of ductile to brittle transition in absorbed energy.

Summary of Capabilities:

  • Charpy testing machine : PS-30 charpy pendulum

  • Equipment capacity : to 300 Joule

  • Room and Low temperature testing (up to -100 celsius)

  • Specimen Preparation equipments: saw machines,  rack drill, drill and milling machines, face grinder, pivot lathe, special notcher

Laboratory offers you these services:

  • Impact testing according to EN, ISO and ASTM standard

  • Impact testing at low temperature according to EN, IS and ASTM standards (up to-100 celsius)

  • Lateral expansion and percentage of shear fracture examination

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