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Open die forging is an important technique for many types of manufacturing. It allows rough and finishing shaping of metal, most commonly steel and steel alloys. It requires a die that is open on the sides, allowing the workpiece to move freely, in a lateral direction, when struck. 


  • Reduced chance of voids

  • Better fatigue resistance

  • Improved microstructure

  • Continuous grain flow

  • Finer grain size

  • Greater strength

open-die forging
Carousel lathe

Hámor Zrt. owns a well-equipped machine shop with a wide range of various  vertical and horizontal lathes, milling, boring and drilling machine  that enable to provide rough a machined products.

At Hamor Zrt., our skilled operators can rough machine all our forgings to customer's dimensional requirements.


Heat treatment is the production step that gives the forgings the required mechanical properties and microstructural features.

The area is equipped with electric and gas furnaces and water/polimer quenching tanks allowing all kind of heat treatments: normalizing, quenching & tempering, annealing and stress relieving.

Highly skilled staff is controlling and monitoring the entire heat treatment process.

heat treating

All testing conducted at Hamor Zrt. testing laboratory is performed carefully, meticulously, and according to standards. We rely on our test engineers and materials testing technicians' many years of experience and sound expertise.

The Laboratory specializes in materials and component testing on metals.

You will find yourself in good hands.

austenite grain size
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